JOCK is a private members’ club for gay and bisexual males (and male-presenting non-binary) age 18 years and over.

Your safety is our primary concern. JOCK has first aiders at every event. If you feel unwell, or spot someone who looks like they need medical help, please let a member of staff know so that JOCK can offer them assistance and first aid as required.

JOCK runs all of our events with an underwear or sports kit dress code and expects members to make an effort to comply. The only exception to this is JOCK LITE where a more relaxed take on the dress code is permitted. Please see the JOCK dress code for more details. If you need advice on the outfit you plan to wear, please send an email to attaching any photos which may help us advise. You may be asked to leave if you are not in compliance with the dress code.


Members should be civil to each other at all times.

Members should follow and comply with, instructions given by JOCK management, JOCK event staff and venue staff. These instructions are for your own safety and the safety of other members and guests.

Members will be required to abide by our dress code for those events where a dress code is in effect.

By default, the dress code will apply at all JOCK events although in exceptional cases and for some events the dress code may be waived. For example, events branded JOCK LITE’ are taster events and sometimes run with more relaxed dress requirements.

Members should respect other people and their choices at the event.

JOCK welcomes queer men of all backgrounds, including male presenting non-binary people, and takes a zero tolerance policy to racism, transphobia, biphobia, body-shaming and any other discrimination at our events

Members should understand that only consensual acts between adults are permitted. If someone says ‘no’ then you will respect that decision and abide by it without question.  JOCK always supports the rule that “No means no”.

Anyone found to be trying to engage in non-consensual sex will be removed from he event and may risk prosecution in accordance with UK law, as well as being refused entry to any future  JOCK events.

Members entering the dark room area do so at their own risk. Members upon entering should be aware that lighting is low. There are risks of injury from trips, slips and falls. MJ Events and Promotions and associated brands holds no responsability for any injuries caused in the dark room area of the club.Members enter at their own risk and should follow the safety guidelines that are on display outside every dark area 

Members will abide by other members’ safer sex choices. JOCK promotes safer sex choices and provides access to condoms and latex-friendly lube.

It is illegal to solicit (or offer to provide) sex in exchange for money or other material gain, which will not be allowed at or in connection with JOCK events.  Any breach of this law will be banned from all future JOCK events and may be reported to appropriate authorities and thereafter face prosecution in accordance with UK Law.

You will not do anything to any other member, guest or member of JOCK or venue staff that is against their will or that they indicate in words or actions that they are uncomfortable doing and will be removed from the event and may be banned from all future JOCK events for failure to follow this rule.  

If anyone tries to do anything to/with you against your will or that you are uncomfortable doing, you should report this immediately to one of the JOCK staff who will act accordingly. Nobody should be forced to do anything they are not entirely sure about or comfortable with.

JOCK reserves the right to refuse entry or require you to leave the premises when directed to do so without refund or return of any entry fee which may have been paid by you or on your behalf.  

Members will be responsible for any of their possessions which are not left in the designated cloakroom. JOCK accepts no liability for any damage or loss of property whilst attending JOCK events. 

If you lose your cloakroom ticket you may be asked to remain until the end of the night to collect your checked property. Please look after your own possessions whilst changing. It is easy to put something down and forget it, so check before you leave the changing areas.

Torches, flashlights and any other light providing object (including those on mobile phones) may not be used while attending a JOCK event. If you need to use the light that would be provided by such use for any reason during a JOCK event, ask a member of JOCK staff for their help.

Members should respect and look after the venue where JOCK events are being held and any equipment found therein.  

Members should respect the staff of the venue where JOCK events are being held and those running the event. You should understand that without them, JOCK would have no space in which to congregate. Politeness is easy and will be greatly appreciated by all the staff.

If you cause damage to any of the club or venue property JOCK reserves the right to ask you to either pay the costs incurred to repair or replace such items as may have been damaged. 

Members should respect the privacy of other members and guests and not use mobile phones for any purpose, including the taking of photos,  inside the venue where JOCK events are being held.  JOCK will have authorised photographers at JOCK events and they will always ask your permission before taking your picture.

Members are bound by the JOCK PHOTOGRAPHIC DISCLAIMER, which is displayed at every event and is also available on the club website here:


Members should not harass, insult or cause intentional offence to any other person in the venue, where the JOCK event is being held whether they are JOCK attendees or not.

Members should exercise discretion and understand that not every other member or guest wants their attendance at a JOCK event to be publicly or otherwise known to members of the public.

Members should enter and leave the venue where the JOCK event is being held quietly and with respect for the neighbours of the venue.

By attending a JOCK event, you agree to this Code of Conduct, which are displayed at the venue for you to read before you enter the club, and are also available on the JOCKPARTY.COM website.

This code of conduct applies to the any venue, the external smoking areas and the area in the immediate vicinity of all venues where JOCK events are held.

JOCK has a zero-tolerance attitude to illegal drugs and substances and reserves the right to search the bags, person or clothing of any member or guest attending a JOCK event at any time.

Anyone found offering for sale or selling, or otherwise providing illegal drugs or substances to any other person at a JOCK event will be removed from the event and denied entry to future JOCK events and may be reported to the police. Venue-specific rules, licence requirements and UK Law should be followed in addition to this code of conduct.

The name “JOCK”, “JOCK PARTY”, “JOCK PARTY UK”, “JOCK LITE” “LUBED” “STUD” and associated logos apply to the JOCK private members’ club and all related events promoted, managed, organised, conducted, and otherwise run by MJ EVENTS AND PROMOTIONS LIMITED, Company number 11941158, and their successors and assigns.

We reserve the right to change the date, location or entry price of any event, however, will endeavor to give as much notice as possible of any changes to published arrangements.

If you have any questions or queries please e-mail


Please respect the privacy of others and keep your mobile phone in your pocket or bag. If you want to use your phone please do so in Reception area or outside the venue. STRICTLY – no phones in the dark room area


By joining the JOCK MEMBERSHIP Program, you agree that JOCK can send you occasional emails relating to JOCK news or the management of your membership. JOCK uses BREVO and our own bespoke membership system to manage these messages. Beyond this, JOCK will not share your contact details with any other body or organisation for any purpose unless compelled by the law to do so. You can read JOCK’s privacy policy HERE.